About us

HARDO is an international relief and development charity working to enable poor and excluded communities to make immediate and lasting improvements to their lives.


HARDO's Board of Trustees is comprised of 5 members, their duties are to ensure that our work is effective, fully accountable and true to the humanitarian spirit.

To evaluate HARDO projects, our Trustees make personal visits to field offices and partner organisations. Every three years the Board of Trustees elects a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and an Executive Committee.

At the Birmingham headquarters HARDO has a team of professional staff, headed by The Chairman, who is responsible for the management and the effective running of the organisation.

Our Vision

• A world without poverty in which every person enjoys the property and dignity.


Our Mission

• To work closely with poor and excluded communities to reduce poverty.


Our Goals

• poor and excluded  communities will have  power to get their rights
• women and girls will gain power to secure their rights
• States and their institutions will be accountable and democratic and will promote, protect and fulfil human rights for all.

Humanitarian Action for Relief and Development Organisation